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family packing

Their service is highly recommended! The price was good, fair and reasonable. They were quick and extremely careful with my things and very concern to avoid any damage to my things. I dont have any regret choosing Saskatoon Moving company and they will be surely remembered for their good service. Thank you!
Isla, 28, Saskatoon

I’ve used Saskatoon Movers the other day, my brother-in-law has used them once too & my friend also recommended them to me. I was also impressed when the movers showed up early. They did a great job and I know all other moves were excellent too. I will definitely use them again.

Emily, 27, Saskatoon

Saskatoon Movers is the best company. They have complete packing materials and works with focus. We had a limited time but we were able to finish it before 11am. They worked  hard and did a multiple tasks. Ive finally met a company who has reach my satisfaction. Thank you!

Poppy, 26, Saskatoon

Edward and his crew were awesome. They were strong enough to move our things from basement to the truck 3weeks ago. Even while unloading, they were so flexible and it was all done a little bit fast that I could barely believe it. I’ve never used this moving company before but now they will be remembered and will be recommended. You guys did great!

Ava, 31, Saskatoon

I would say it was an urgent move. I needed to move my things in next 2 days and Saskatoon Movers is the only company who immediately responded for short notice move.I got a follow up call the next morning and next thing I knew Im all set. The guys were very professional and friendly. They made sure that I was all okay before they left. Thank you so so much.

Isabella, 23, Saskatoon