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Industrial Moving

man on a fork lift

Moving industrial equipment is not a job for amateurs. Manufacturing equipment can be big and heavy, difficult to load, awkward to secure and just as difficult to unload. Lab equipment is often very fragile and sensitive. It needs to be absolutely secure as it moves from one location to another. Unloading commercial equipment is also a challenge. You need all of that heavy equipment left in the proper places so you do not need to move it again. For all of this, you want commercial movers with the experience to do make this move the right way.

We are a professional moving company, and industrial relocation is one of our specialties. When you contact us, one of our specially trained relocation experts will come to survey the situation, taking measurements and learning about the particulars of each piece of equipment that needs to be relocated. When it is moving day, we will arrive with the equipment necessary to make your industrial move simple and efficient. Then we will take just as much care in unloading your equipment at your new site.

Feel free to contact us today. We are available seven days a week to coordinate your moving needs. Our estimates and advice are free. Let us show why we are the best industrial movers in Saskatoon.