How to Disassemble a Pool Table for Moving Long Distance

How to Disassemble a Pool Table for Moving Long Distance

Moving out of province can be stressful, especially if you have to move a bulky object like a pool table. Once you’ve found a dependable Saskatoon moving company, you’ll need to consider moving logistics such as how to disassemble your pool table. Read on to learn how and make moving across Canada easier for yourself.

Tools You Will Need to Disassemble a Pool Table

The right gear is the first step to successfully taking apart your pool table before transport. Some of the most important materials aren’t found in a toolbox, but they’re essential in the task:

      • Blankets to protect the table from being scratched during transport
      • Plastic wrap to protect various parts and keep them together
      • A box or bag to collect small pieces
      • Markers for labelling

Once you have that, you’ll want to check your toolbox for a few more things:

      • A drill with various bit types and sizes
      • A socket wrench
      • A staple puller
      • Pliers

How to Disassemble a Pool Table for a Long-Distance Move

After you’ve chosen a reputable long-distance moving company to help you, the next task at hand will be disassembling your pool table and preparing it for transport. It may take a bit of time and effort since there are many parts. Taking care with the process, however, will allow you to keep your pool table in perfect condition as you transfer it from point A to point B when moving long-distance Saskatoon.

Step 1: Remove the Pockets from the Table

You may need to take out the pocket liners before you start this first step. The pockets should be attached by either staples or screws, so you’ll need to unscrew them or use a staple remover to loosen the material. If you don’t own a staple remover, a flathead screwdriver can effectively achieve the same results.

NOTE: It’s best to wear protective eyewear during this step to prevent rogue staples from causing any damage when they flick up unexpectedly.

Step 2: Take Off the Rail Bolts from Underneath the Pool Table

You’ll need to remove the rail bolts from the underside of the table. Be sure to put them in a small bag that is clearly labelled so that you don’t lose any small parts throughout this process. Take care to differentiate the rail bolts from the apron bolts, too, so that you only remove the rail bolts at this time.

Step 3: Remove the Rails and Corners

You’ll need to remove the apron bolts next to free up the corners for removal. Be sure to keep the apron bolts secured in a separate plastic bag once you remove them. From there, you can safely remove the rails and the corners from your pool table.

Step 4: Remove the Felt

Removing the felt from your pool table is a delicate process that requires some patience. It’s most likely stapled or glued to the table, so proceed slowly and carefully as you take the material off to prevent any nicks or tears. Cautiously pull the felt back from the surface until you’ve successfully removed it.

Step 5: Remove the Slate

Once the felt is off, you can move on to the slate. A pool table is made of up a few heavy slate pieces, and it’s essential that no damage comes to these crucial components during the move. Once you’ve unscrewed the slates from the table using your drill, carefully move them without even a minor scratch.

This mechanism is what keeps the pool table in balance, so it’s important to take care of these slates and package them well.

Step 6: Take Off the Legs

After you’ve successfully removed the slate and carefully packed it in a way that will allow for safe transport, the table legs will be the only parts that remain. Turn the table over, unbolt the legs, and prepare everything for packing to prevent scratches and breaks.

Use the blanket and mover’s wrap to secure the parts of your pool table as they await reassembling in your new home.

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