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Contact us today if you are looking for a moving company for your home, office or business. Our company is available seven days a week by phone or email. We offer professional moving services, storage services and packing services in Saskatoon. Whether you need a local or long distance move, our courteous staff can advise you about your process and answer any questions that you may have along the way. The first step for us is a free estimate calculated by one of our specially trained movers. The first step for you is to call the best moving company in Saskatoon.

Our Saskatoon Customer Reviews

Their service is highly recommended! The price was good, fair and reasonable. They were quick and extremely careful with my things and very concern to avoid any damage to my things. I dont have any regret choosing Saskatoon Moving company and they will be surely remembered for their good service. Thank you!


Isla, 28, Halifax

I’ve used Saskatoon Movers the other day, my brother-in-law has used them once too & my friend also recommended them to me. I was also impressed when the movers showed up early. They did a great job and I know all other moves were excellent too. I will definitely use them again.


Emily, 27, Halifax

Saskatoon Movers is the best company. They have complete packing materials and works with focus. We had a limited time but we were able to finish it before 11am. They worked  hard and did a multiple tasks. Ive finally met a company who has reach my satisfaction. Thank you!
Poppy, 26, Halifax


Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly!
Or call us by phone (306) 500-1807.
Weekdays 8 am-10 pm
Weekends 9 am-7 pm